Twitter Engagement Campaign For Indie Mobile Game: Influencer Marketing Case Study

We propelled a premium indie mobile game into the top paid charts combining an influencer’s tweet and a Twitter engagement campaign in Japan.


Twitter Engagement Campaign Using Influencer's Tweet

We were approached by an up-and-coming indie studio for help with their premium mobile game in Japan. They had a bit of organic buzz in the west and a Japanese blogger happened to pick up the story. How could we capitalize on this organic interest in the game and get it in front of as many people as possible?



Engagement Rate: ~140%*


Cost Per Engagement: $.002


Estimated CPI: Under $3


*Note: Twitter calculates engagement rate as any click, like, or retweet so one user can engage with the content more than once causing above 100% with really engaging content.


Capitalize On Influencer's Content + Rapid Campaign Optimization

Using an influencer’s tweet, we ran this engagement campaign on Twitter via a 3rd party promoted Tweet. Combining engaging in-game content and both interest-based and handle-based targeting, we were able to find an audience that truly resonated with this indie game.


Through rapid optimization, we were able to beat both internal and customer KPIs (above 100% engagement rate!) and ultimately propel this game into the Top Paid Charts in Japan.

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