Social Casino Slots Game In Japan: A Case Study

Using our team’s operational knowledge of Twitter, we were able to find high LTV users at a lower CPI for our customer’s social casino slots game in Japan.


Find And Acquire High LTV Users For Social Casino Slots Game In Japan

Our customer was an up-and-comer to the social casino slots game scene. While they have an in-house team working on a couple different campaigns, they wondered if they could get better results. So, they turned to us.



CPI optimized to ~$9 with LTV well within customer’s internal KPIs.


Careful Targeting Using Unique Twitter Handles And Keywords

As a Japanese advertising agency, one of our specialties is Twitter advertising for mobile games. Social casino games are no exception. By leveraging our internal data and team’s experience, we were able to find similar users (measured by LTV) compared to our client’s internal campaigns at a lower CPI.

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