LINE Ads Platform In Japan: A Case Study

Using our team’s creative capabilities and local know-how of LINE Ads Platform in Japan, we were able to provide our customer with a new source of high-quality traffic for their casual mobile game.


LINE Ads Platform Campaign For Casual Resource Management Game

Our customer was already fairly advanced for the Japanese market. Their casual mobile game had strong localization of in-game text and creative they used on global publishers/DSP. However, they wanted to scale their game in Japan and needed new traffic sources. We suggested LINE, Japan’s largest social networking site.



This campaign has been a success for our customer.


CPI is holding steady around $8 or less and aggregate CVR for iOS at ~25%.


Strong Initial Campaign Optimization + Lookalike Audience

We combined our creative know-how and our familiarity with LINE Ads Platform in Japan to make daily adjustments on bidding price and budget settings. The result: we were able to optimize the campaign after 2 weeks of data, despite this campaign being brand new to the LINE Ads Platform. After one month of data, we added in the lookalike campaign. CPI has held steady and the quality of users in terms of LTV and retention rates have exceeded customer’s internal KPIs.

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