Casual Mobile Game: A Case Study On Japanese Youtubers

Our team used our knowledge of US social media trends to design a campaign featuring Japanese Youtubers, resulting in downloads 25.6% under the target CPI.

TLDR; Our team used our knowledge of US social media trends to come up with a campaign featuring Japanese Youtubers resulting in downloads at 25.6% better than the customer’s target CPI.


Use Japanese Social Influencers For User Acquisition Campaign

Our goal was to leverage social influencers and their audiences in a more cost effective manner than the customer’s existing paid user acquisition strategy in Japan. Based on a target CPI range, we had to hit a target volume of downloads over a 2 week period. We chose Youtube for its widest reach within our target segment within the given budget.




We exceeded customer expectations, resulting in:


25.6% Under Customer’s Target CPI


38.0% Under In-House Team’s Paid User Acquisition


Leveraged Japanese Youtuber’s Popularity To Promote Engaging Content

Each Japanese Youtuber’s video featured a campaign concept based on our team’s knowledge of both the Japanese and American social media markets and featured each Japanese Youtuber’s individual strengths.


Japanese Social Media Influencers


Each video also included actual gameplay by the influencer for two main reasons.


1. Japanese are accustomed to viewing sponsored content (and often find it more authentic than product placement unlike in the West)

2. Ability to feature unique, fun aspects of the game which each influencer highlighted in his/her own words (which increased retention)

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