Yengage Goes to Casual Connect Kyiv (Kiev)

We at Yengage had so much fun at Casual Connect USA in Seattle that we’ve decided to go to Casual Connect’s next event, Casual Connect Kyiv, in Kyiv, Ukraine for our first European conference.

Casual Connect Kyiv (Kiev) 2017


After much (not really) debate, we’ve decided to go to Casual Connect’s next event Casual Connect Kyiv in Kyiv, Ukraine. We had so much fun at Casual Connect USA in Seattle meeting industry peers and learning both during the learning sessions and during the networking events that we wanted to try it in a new environment. It will be our first time in Europe for any mobile games event, much less a Casual Connect. Needless to say, we’re excited to attend.


If you’re so inclined, come and ask us anything! From mobile games user acquisition in Japan, to monetization strategies for Japan, or about some ideas on self-publishing your game in Japan as an indie developer… We’re excited to hear about indie life outside the US and to hear more about the current market situation in Eastern Europe and the rest of Eurasia.


And as always, we can just talk shop over a coffee (or better yet, a beer). So find us on Casual Connect Kyiv’s Pitch and Match website or email us beforehand at info [at]

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