Top Mobile Games Blogs Of 2018


We look back at our top mobile games blogs of 2018 in celebration of this past year, similar to our recap of 2017 last December! Based on our website analytics, here are the top 5 by popularity for 2018.


5. Japanese Advertising Agency: Marketing In Japan


In this post, we talk about the benefits of using a Japanese advertising agency for your marketing in Japan. Having a local partner for your user acquisition makes a lot of sense. All of the big gaming studios use a marketing agency: Supercell, MZ, King, even if they have a local office, having a marketing partner for such a difficult market makes sense.


4. How To Use A Youtuber For Mobile User Acquisition


Coming in at #4, we discussed some specifics when it comes to using Youtubers for influencer marketing. Youtube, in particular, is a strong channel for mobile game user acquisition in Japan. We cover some tips and tricks in this post along with my favorite (and very scientific) chart I made. In fact, I liked it so much, I put it on my LinkedIn too!


Japanese Youtuber Campaign


3. Fortnite in Japan vs. Knives Out: Which Is Performing Better


In third place, we looked at the massive cross-platform hit, Fortnite, and the Fortnite mobile version was doing in Japan. We compared Fortnite with the PUBG-clone from Netease, Knives Out, on iOS. While Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon, it hasn’t had a massive impact on the Japanese mobile games market. Knives Out is still doing really well and it’s thanks to Netease’s smart marketing decisions including coming up with a manga based on the game.


2. Japanese Influencer Marketing For Mobile Games


Influencer marketing in Japan for mobile games appears again on our top 5 mobile games blogs for 2018. This time, it’s more about the importance of establishing hype and credibility–more about the ‘why’ you should use influencers and less about the ‘how’ as discussed in #4.


1. Knives Out vs. Rules of Survival: A Case Study In Culturalization


And in first place, our culturalization case study comparing Knives Out and Rules of Survival, similar yet different battle royale games by Netease. We looked at the difference between Rules of Survival and Knives Out. Knives Out had the benefit of being the first mover in the battle royale on mobile space since PUBG did not launch until later. Netease also decided to split their battle royale games into two–one for Japan and one for the west. This is difficult for small to midsized studios and does not always make sense. However, it paid off massively for Netease as Knives Out is still a top 10 grossing game.


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By: Justin Endo. First Published: December 27, 2018.

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