Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017 – An Overview of Japan’s Mobile Games Market

This past year, we took a deep dive into several key segments of Japan’s mobile gaming market and provided industry insight into one of the world’s hardest markets to break into.

Japan’s Mobile Games Market Overview


Japan’s mobile games market is one of the most lucrative in the world after China and the United States. However, with a population a fraction of either of the top 2 markets, the Japanese mobile games market experiences the highest ARPU in the world. This past year, we took a deep dive into several key segments of Japan’s mobile games market and provided industry insight into one of the world’s hardest markets to break into.


So without further ado, I present our top 5 most popular blog posts from 2017.


Yengage’s Best of 2017


#5: Series 1- Plan To Enter The Japanese Market? Importance Of Localization In Japan

Coming in at number 5 was this blog post covering the importance of localization in Japan. In this part 1 of 3 in our Japanese app tips, we talked about the importance of using natural translation to improve DAU and your paying ratio. We also discussed the difference between localization and culturalization and how it may affect your market entry strategy. Last, we covered the importance of App Store Optimization (ASO) which goes hand in hand with localization efforts.


#4: Idle Games In Japan (aka Clickers): Top Grossing Charts

After hearing about the rise of idle games in western markets at both Casual Connect and Pocket Gamer, we decided to cover its rise in Japan. While not at the popularity here in the west, idlers are quietly starting to grow in popularity. If not a true idler, many games feature elements of idle games. The most surprising idler for us: Tap Tap Idler AbyssRium.


#3: Mobile Games User Acquisition In Japan

When we discuss Japan’s mobile games market, we can’t ignore the importance of user acquisition. We discussed the similarities and differences between the big 2 publishers (Google and Facebook of course) and the relevance of Twitter in Japan for mobile games user acquisition. Furthermore, we discuss why local publishers are important to explore (hint: they often have exclusive media or priority over the global DSPs in Japan). We also talked about how to compete with the big guys who use TV commercials.


#2: Social Casino Games In Japan: How Successful Are They?

While dominating the rest of the world, Japan’s mobile games market has been relatively quiet when it comes to social casino games. The most dominant type of social casino game is pachisuro or pachinko slots. These games are almost exclusively made by domestic players and they often have tie-ins to real machines at pachinko parlors. But more and more, you see many of the big foreign players trying to break into this market. I predict we will see this trend continue in 2018.


#1: Should I Self-Publish In Japan? A Guide For Mobile Games Studios And Developers

Finally, we come to our top blog post of 2017! Breaking into Japan’s mobile games market is especially difficult for indie developers. Even mid-size studios struggle to get a foothold in Japan. In this post, I cover what you should expect from a publisher if you’re a studio. Perhaps more importantly, I also share how to self-publish your game in Japan if you are unable to find a publishing partner.


Thanks for reading and here’s to a great 2018! 明けましておめでとうございます。今年もよろしくお願いします。

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