State Of Mobile Gaming In Japan


The state of mobile gaming in Japan for 2019 and the rest of the world was recently reported by App Annie in their annual State of Mobile. We already shared some of our predictions for the industry in 2019 but it’s always nice to get some big-picture predictions from App Annie. A couple key takeaways for those of us in the mobile games business in Japan.


(TLDR; the state of mobile gaming in Japan is bright!)


Japan Is Still The Third Largest Mobile Games Market


Japan is still the 3rd largest mobile games market after China and Japan. This is impressive given Japan’s population, which suggests average revenue per user (ARPU) in Japan is still quite high. The 2-year growth rate for Japan was 25%. While considerably less than China and the US, it’s still impressive that it’s growing considering the maturity of the market. Overall, the big 3 markets (China, US, and Japan) accounted for over 75% of the global spend, dwarfing the rest of the world.


Mobile Games Spend In Japan


Mobile Games Revenue Is Expected To Grow


Worldwide consumer spending on games is expected to grow in 2019. This goes for both mobile and all other forms of video games (console, PC, etc.). However, mobile is expected to grow at an even faster rate than it did in 2018. This is a good sign for mobile games studios and developers. All “other” gaming is expected to grow too in 2019 but at a slower rate than mobile.

Mobile Games Revenue Vs Other



Advertisers Are Continuing To Test (And Keep) New Channels


Interesting for us as an advertising agency is this statistic from App Annie–according to them, advertisers have increased the number of channels used for iOS and Google Play games by 35% and 45% respectively. We highly recommend trying new channels, especially when testing new markets such as Japan. Mobile gaming in Japan can be quite different as are the ways Japanese consume media. Twitter, for example, is a great channel for engagement and user acquisition in Japan.


Unique Traffic Sources Mobile


There’s plenty of other content in the report from App Annie and most of it paints a bright future for the world of mobile games and apps. In Japan, we expect the good times to continue for non-Japanese mobile games studios.


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All facts and figures courtesy of App Annie


By: Justin Endo. First Published: January 17, 2019.

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