Marketing Mobile Games In Japan And China

A look at marketing mobile games in Japan and some key takeaways from Justin’s panel at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki on becoming an international player.

Marketing Mobile Games In Japan And China


A look back in September when Yengage’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Justin Endo, discussed marketing mobile games in Japan at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki. Takeaways about the Japanese mobile games market are below.




Takeaway #1: It’s Easier to Self-Publish Your Game In Japan Over China


This is fairly straightforward given the current ban by Beijing (as of late 2018) on new gaming titles. There are no special restrictions in Japan. You can simply launch your game on the iOS App Store and Google Play as you would in any other country. Acquiring new users is the tricky part.


Takeaway #2: Play To Your Strengths


The whole panel agreed that it’s more important to play to your strengths than try to compete with local studios. If you make a great match 3 game, don’t try to make a JRPG. Find a good partner (whether a local publisher if possible or a marketing agency like Yengage) that can introduce your game to your target audience.


Takeaway #3: Mobile Games User Acquisition In Japan Can Be Tricky


I kinda spoiled it in Takeaway #1… but user acquisition in Japan (and the rest of Asia for that matter) is a bit different than in the west. Best practices in the US don’t always correlate to success in Japan. We have extensive blog posts on this topic. If you want more information on how exactly to modify your user acquisition strategy for Japan, check them out. User acquisition and performance marketing strategy, influencer marketing, even how to launch your mobile game in Japan… it’s all there.


And if you already have a mobile game in Japan and want to take your user acquisition to the next level, let us know! Email us at info[at] or contact us below.


By: Justin Endo. First Published: November 29, 2018.

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