Japanese Marketing Agency Celebrates Its Second Anniversary


Your favorite Japanese marketing agency, Yengage, turns two years old! Founded in December 2016, it’s been quite a wild ride. We’ve been to many conferences, spoken with many people, and helped many customers. Here are some highlights from our second year.


Best Blog Post: How to Use a Youtuber for Japanese User Acquisition


We cover quite a bit of content in our blogs but this past year, we have had a lot interest in influencers in Japan. Our best blog post was about using Youtubers for Japanese user acquisition. Some of our most requested campaigns as a Japanese marketing agency is about influencer marketing. However, finding working with Japanese influencers directly can be difficult due to language and cultural barriers. Furthermore, finding good influencer marketing agencies can be difficult for the Japanese market. Conducting an influencer marketing campaign is a bit different than what you’d expect in the west. For that reason, this article is our best and perhaps the most useful for this past year.


Favorite Article: “The Japanese games market has come out from its closed-off period” by Pocket Gamer


Easily our favorite article was Pocket Gamer’s interview with our COO, Kazuhiro ‘Kazu’ Kimura regarding the Japanese market. Ok, ok, this is a bit biased since it is about us. However, the content is still good. We believe that Japan has started to open up to new game genres. Hidden object games, for example, are dominating with the female 30+ segment. As Japanese players look for different styles of games, non-Japanese studios have been able to fill in the void that domestic studios leave. This article described this trend back in May 2018 and we expect this trend to continue into 2019.


Best Conference: White Nights CEO Summit


We attend a lot of conferences as a Japanese marketing agency. Sometimes they’re in our own backyard like GDC or Pocketgamer Connects San Francisco. Sometimes they’re on the other side of the world like Saint Petersburg! My personal favorite and best conference for business development was the White Nights CEO Summit. Held on Cyprus, it was a great opportunity to network with mobile gaming’s C-suite in a relaxed environment. Many of the world’s leading games studios were there. While White Night’s tends to focus on Eastern Europe, many other countries were represented from around the world.


Plus, you can’t argue with the setting!


White Nights CEO Summit Cyprus


Thanks for the past two years and here’s to many more! And if you’re interested in taking your user acquisition in Japan to the next level or want to learn more about best practices when marketing in Japan, email us at info[at]yengage.net or click below to contact us!


By: Justin Endo. First Published: December 12, 2018.



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