Why Use A Japanese Advertising Agency In Japan


There are many reasons to use a Japanese advertising agency for the Japanese mobile games and app market. While your in-house team might be strong in performance marketing for most global campaigns, Japan has a couple of unique features that make the benefits of using an ad agency more pronounced than in other markets.


1. Understanding Cultural Differences For Everything, Creative Included


Let’s face it, for many foreigners, Japan is a strange country. Its customs and culture are quite different than most other places in the world. So it’s no surprise that Japan’s marketing and promotional activities are also quite different. We’ve all seen funny Japanese TV commercials on Youtube or Facebook. But understanding why Japanese associate Boss Coffee with Tommy Lee Jones is only part of it. Being able to tap into these cultural associations can give you an edge as you advertise your game in Japan.


Using trendy words or catchphrases show potential players that your game (or app) is meant for them. Even as a foreign studio or developer, we can provide a positive association by linking your mobile game with an inside joke or viral video.


For example, let’s say you want to advertise your mobile soccer game last June.  You use, “Loving the World Cup? Create Your Own Japanese National Team.” While timely, you should localize this in Japanese. Most global agencies stop there. Now, let’s take it a step further–did you know that Japan has a star player, Osako, that has his own catchphrase (‘半端ないって。’ Pronounced “hanpanaitte,” translated in English… it’s a bit complicated, but kind of like, “He’s amazing.”)? Combining a trendy, relevant message and smart design into a relevant campaign is all a part of the job of a Japanese advertising agency.


Creative Ad Agency

Obligatory Note: This scamp was made by me using public domain assets and definitely not my creative team. They are much more skilled than I am. Also, if you actually have a soccer mobile game, test this copy and let me know how it goes!


2. Japanese Advertising Agency To Leverage Data + Knowhow


Of course, studios and advertisers know their product the best. As such, they understand their users and data the best as well. But sometimes your view can become limited because you have an extremely deep, but narrow view of the market. Most global agencies, on the other hand, have a very broad view. They work with many accounts and customers, but may not have a full picture of each account as it’s not their data. As they work on a global basis, understanding each product and each market is difficult, if not impossible.


As a Japanese advertising agency, we go deep in market knowledge of our specific market and wide with many advertisers in Japan. That gives us the best of both. We can use best practices from helping other foreign mobile games in Japan. We can design smarter campaigns because of the deep market experience. This data and know-how from many in-depth campaigns in Japan result in tangible benefits, whether it’s an increase in conversion rate of your campaigns to being able to find and scale more users across many traffic sources. Check out some of our cases for real-life examples!



3. Bonus Benefit = Resource And Vendor Management


As you may know, the level of English is not that high in Japan compared to European countries. Factor in the time zone and cultural differences, managing vendors in Japan can be quite difficult. If you’re already managing vendors around the world, using a Japanese agency can help significantly reduce your workload. In addition, your user acquisition and creative team will also benefit from one less market to manage. They also don’t have to muddle through designing creatives for a market that isn’t their own–whether it’s trying to use Google Translate for the copy or manage a localization company to help with market-specific creative.


This benefit is in addition to any gains you should receive from using a specialist in the market. Think of all the headache you’ll save trying to work with multiple local ad networks in Japan that may or may not be used to working directly with advertisers at all, much less in English. We’ve heard of cases where it took a major advertiser over a year just to get a contract signed with Japan’s largest social media network!


So what are you waiting for? Looking for the best Japanese advertising agency? Look no further! Email Yengage at info[at]yengage.net and let’s chat about the Japanese mobile market!


By: Justin Endo. First Published: July 13, 2018.

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