Google I/O: How Google Is Supporting Its Developers

What will be coming to the gaming market?

As WWDC, or the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, is going on only 10 minutes walking from our office, I decided to write a quick sum-up about my Google I/O experiences as a comparison. Google I/O was held at the Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View, next to the Google campus from 5/17-5/19.  Because I am sure you can find tons of blogs online regarding those important announcements in the keynote and interesting sessions, I am here to share my personal takeaways, experiences from the Sandboxes and sessions regarding gaming, and interesting updates about gaming advertising from Google I/O.


Machine learning in most products. Maybe all Google products.


As Google announced in the keynote, this year is about “From mobile first to AI first.” As promised, I saw many updates based on machine learning. So, what does AI first mean in gaming? The most noticeable change is new Google Play Console is truly global. New Google Play Console allows users to see User Acquisition report is able to track user retention, channels by breaking down into countries. Therefore, you can find which country has more valuable users in one dashboard. And reviews, Google will translate them for you in your dashboard so you will know more about your users who speak different languages now. More and more Google is getting rid of this international wall for all the developers in the world.


Gacha might be gone soon?!


It is always great to hear from Googlers who are talking to many developers every day. They have more sense of what is coming and how the marketing might be changing in the near future. I went one office hours (Yeah, it was just so many other cool stuff to check out! Wish everything did not happen at the same time), which is about mobile gaming apps in the Japanese and South Korean markets. What Googlers are looking forward to seeing is new monetarization model in the Japanese market. As you know console gaming had been the biggest portion in terms of revenue in the Japanese gaming market.

However, nowadays mobile is taking over. The transaction from console to mobile is quite different. You go from using two hands to one finger. Before, you used to have to be somewhere to play a game; now you can play anywhere you want. You used to purchase the game now you can play free with in-app purchasing. Gacha was also one of those changes too. Googlers were saying that big game developers are now to be the first one to get “used to be console gaming users,” who are not familiar with “Gacha” system, are trying out new monetization way. Yengage is excited to see that too.


AR was also big topic at Google I/O too


Similar to the WWDC keynote, AR was also heavily featured at Google I/O. Regardless that the quality still needs improvements, at Google I/O, Tango was been featured quite a lot of times. Tango is used in the education field, retail, and for fun. I tried Tango at the sandbox. It was interesting. I could see how it is going to become handy for retailers with Gap’s demo using AR capabilities. You can choose your body type and cloth size to see how you will look in the size on the phone. You don’t need to go to get in the line for a fitting room anymore. This may stimulate customers’ spending and help bring up online shopping. Other than that for games and education, I would like to see how the technology will create new values in those fields.

Trying Tango at Google I/O

Trying Tango.

Even as a non-developer with limited knowledge of tech, I participate this cool conference as a more consumer. It was such a great experience to see what our future is going to change.

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