Events keep high MAU (Monthly Active Users) in Japan

Most games with higher MAU have been released for more than 3-4 years. How do they keep their users from getting bored with their games?

According to App Ape. Here is the ranking of Japanese game publisher MAU (Monthly Active Users)

No1. LINE Corporation (Major game: Tsumu Tsumu)

No2. BANDAI NAMCO Entertaiment Inc. (Major game: Dragon Balls)

No3. XFLAG, Inc. (Major game: Monster Strike)

No4. Niantic, Inc. (Major game: Pokemon Go)

No5. GungHoOnlineEntertaiement (Major game: Puzzle and Dragons)

Those games have been released for more than 3-4 years.

How do they keep MAU (Monthly Active Users) higher?

Let’s take a look at No3. Monster Strike and No4. Pokemon Go.

Collaboration with other IPs or characters in the game is very typical. Something like one game character appearing in another game or a brand collaborating in a game.

But when it comes Monster Strike, as a such a popular mobile game in Japan. They take the collaboration to the next level to keep higher MAU (Monthly Active Users) all the time.

Monster Strike did a collaboration campaign with Yoronotaki(養老乃瀧), which is one of popular Izakaya restaurants.

During this campaigns, Yoronotaki had a special Gacha menu at their restaurants. A customer can order them in order to get snacks, drinks or coupons for the next time.


Within this campaign, Yoronotaki is benefitting from more traffic by this campaigns and Monster strike is benefitting from more IAP and higher MAU.

For Pokemon Go. They successfully hosted an event at Totori Desert, which is one of the sightseeing points in Japan.

If you do not have an existing office or a person who knows in and out of all process creating a campaign and collaborating with local characters or stores, it will be hard to do by yourself.

However, they do have a higher effect. We recommend starting with some local seasonal collaboration or campaigns within your game. For example, around Seijin Shiki(which is a Japanese adult date for people who turn to 2o years old.), you might want to try offer currency for them. The most important thing is that do not forget to advertise your collaboration campaigns. That will bring more new installs and bring back existing users.

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