Asia-Pacific Gaming Market Grew 9.2% YoY in 2016, Expected To Grow in 2017

Asia-Pacific Gaming Market Represents Almost Half of World’s Market. What does that mean for us?

Asia-Pacific Gaming Market Represents Almost Half of World’s Market


According to the latest report by Newzoo, the Asia-Pacific gaming market will generate 47% of the world’s industry revenue or about $51 billion USD. While most of that growth comes from outside the big 3 in Asia (China, Japan, and Korea), Japan’s market size is still third globally with about 11.5% of total gaming revenue worldwide. Mobile gaming is a huge driver of the gaming market’s overall revenue. Between tablets and smartphones, mobile games account for 42% of the gaming market.


What does this mean for us?

Well, we know that Japan has the highest ARPPU globally and we expect this trend to continue into 2017. The most surprising impact in the world of gaming is the growth in console gaming, most likely attributable to the launch of the Nintendo Switch. While PC gaming in Japan is expected to grow this year, the overall market size will still be dwarfed by console gaming and mobile gaming. And while one of the most competitive markets, Japan is still a strong foothold for many foreign companies as a bridge to the rest of Asia.


See here for complete report.


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