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Connecting you to the Japanese app
market and the rest of Asia.

Yengage's Mission

To bring new experiences into people’s everyday life by facilitating boundaryless markets for mobile games.

What We Do

Creative Services, User Acquisition, PR, Influencer Marketing, Operations.
Yengage has you covered, so your business can expand in Japan and across Asia.

  • We are the only advertising agency founded and based in the US that specializes in the Asian mobile app markets.
  • We offer everything you need to market your app in Japan, from creative services for App Store Optimization (ASO) to paid user acquisition and unique local traffic.
  • We can drive massive awareness and downloads with our ability to produce TV commercials and connect you to social influencers on Youtube and local publishers.

Who We Are

Yengage is your marketing partner for the Asian app market with combining experience, know-how, and data.

We are funded by DAC, the largest digital media buying company in the Japanese market.
Our group has been a leader in the advertisement business for over 100 years in Japan.
We are an ad-tech-first company, with industry leading partners in Japan.
We are challenging the norms of the Japanese advertising industry with a startup mentality.

Why choose us

  • Creative capability: We leverage our quality creative production skills and knowledge of local and global publishers to best fit your campaign goals.
  • Performance driven: Our team has deep market knowledge from years of proven success for clients in Japan and Asia.
  • Western-style of business: We are a Silicon Valley startup at heart. We value speed, flexibility, transparency, and having fun!

What it looks like to work with us

1. Get to know you

Understand you and your current situation and needs to create general framework to achieve your goals.

2. Proposal

Propose a strategic plan including KPI, timeline, budget, media planning, creative, and reporting method.

3. Culturalization

Prepare the localization of in-game and app store texts and culturalization of your app and landing page, if needed.

4. Omakase
(Sit back and enjoy!)

We handle it all from here. No need for you to manage tons of vendors!

5. Operations

Manage daily operations for the campaign and tweak creative, budget, bidding, and other tactics as needed.

6. Reporting

Compile our learnings and report the final result.

7. Next Steps

Set future goals and determine the best strategy to get there.

Our Network

Quality connections in Japan and across Asia

Our connections in Japan are unrivaled. Period.

Our group has had a presence in Japan for over 100 years. The close partnership with Hakuhodo enables us to provide fully integrated marketing campaigns, including TV, in-store promotions, public relations, and social influencers. The close relationship with thousands of publishers gives us early access to new media offerings and high buying power.

Regardless of where your business takes you, we are still your sole point of contact.

Our group has branches across Asia, with an intimate partnership with major and minor publishers, service providers, and local ad-agencies in each country, ensuring consistent high levels of success.

Contact Us

Interested in hearing more about what we can do for you? Send your questions to Yengage here or click on the right to fill out a form. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!