Your Success Is Our Success.

Understanding your story and your vision is essential to creating a strategy and roadmap for your business in Japan and Asia. With Yengage, you can ensure your app remains true to its roots while crossing borders and all messaging to the market is consistent with you and your image.


Strategy before tactics. Always.

  1. Instead of going straight to tactics, we start with understanding your goals. We look at where you are and where you want to go.
  2. Based on your goals and our market knowledge, we design the best strategy to get there.
  3. Finally, we look at the media selection, which creative strategies to use, and the best way to run operations.


More than just localization. We do culturalization.

Making users understand the literal contents of your app is localization. Making users build a connection and understand the nuance of your product is culturalization. We culturalize to build not just short term but long term success for you in the market.

Your content, culturalized.

We deep dive into your vision and values. Then we offer culturally aware recommendations to ensure a consistent look and feel. Mobile apps experience increased retention and loyalty when compared to simple localization.

Bridge content and users through creative.

Our creative team communicates with the culturalization team to create ads which connect the culturalized content and potential users together. This cooperation will ensure we maximize the effective of advertising.


Kaizen is more than doing. It’s a way of living.

Your partner needs to have a pulse on an ever-changing market. We leverage our team’s substantial experience AND data from years of working on campaigns to make sound data-driven decision making. We continuously learn, we constantly adapt, we always strive to improve. In other words, we live kaizen.

One example of living kaizen is our ad creative optimization. Our team continuously cycles through PDCA or Plan, Do, Check, Adjust (or Act) for every campaign they touch. Our dedication and technology enable us to cycle through PDCA faster and more accurately.


Every situation is different.

We cover all the essentials, from regulatory compliance and planning to buying and operating. But we do not stop there—-we can offer you a full range of proprietary and sourced ad technology. This allows us to provide fully customized solutions that other agencies simply can’t copy, whether that means hosting in-app ads on our own ad server, or leveraging a mix of local ad networks and publishers on our DSP, or refining existing campaigns with our DMP.

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